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Temple Bees - Honey and Wax Production


In 2022 we produced about 3 tons of honey - that’s 6,600 1lb jars, 8,800 12oz jars or 13,200 8oz jars!

We are trying to have more bees on organic farmland in the area as the bees seem to do better.

We use a settling process, rather than a filtration process, helping to keep the honey as natural as possible.

The honey gets sieved through a 500 micron sieve to remove the wax,  rather than the more commonly used 200 micron.  This is because some pollen is removed with a 200 micron filter affecting the taste.

Temple Bees honey is available in 227g (8oz), 340g (12oz) and 454g (1lb) jars, 3kg tubs and 30lb buckets. We offer personalised labels to farm shops with our bees on their land.

It takes between 6 and 8lbs of honey for the bees to make 1lb of beeswax.

Beeswax honeycomb will support 20 times it’s own weight in stored honey/pollen.

The average colony of bees can get through 55kg of pollen a year.

A queen lays her own body weight in eggs a day in spring/summer - around 250,000 eggs a year.

Worker bees live for only 6 weeks in the summer.

The beeswax we create as a by product of our honey production is made into a range of candles and wax blocks.

Michelin Bees
Our Bee’s Honey grace the tables at Michelin starred restaurant, John’s House!

Temple Bees manage the apiary at Stonehurst Farm and harvest the honey for the farm making Stonehurst Farm honey.

The Stonehouse Farm honey is used by renowned Chef John Duffin at his restaurant John’s House, Leicestershire's only Michelin starred establishment.

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