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Chilli infused Honey.

First batch is being jarred this weekend. more...

We've tried various types of chilli, and the best results are using fresh chillies.

No extra heating of the honey required to infuse the chilli flavour.

It's great on the barbeque, as a honey chilli glaze on a ham, or on your roast vegetables as they go in the oven!

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New Warming Cabinet

Temple Bees Christmas present arrived Friday.

Got it unpacked and in the honey room today. Bought myself a larger warming cabinet as the one I was using is too small. This will hold nearly 3 times as many buckets as the old one, so it will speed up the jarring process considerably. We will have some more news very soon.

Once confirmed, I'll post about it.




On the Road to Uncover the Benefits of UK Solar Power

Solar power is a reliable, homegrown and clean source of energy that plays a vital role in the UK’s renewable energy mix. Join Martin Clunes as he travels across the British countryside to hear from farmers and landowners about the benefits solar energy provides to them and the UK.

Nigel meets Martin Clunes to discuss bees and how solar farms have helped Temple Bees honey production.

View on YouTube on this link



Michelin Bees!

So, after letting it sink in for the evening, I have had a look at the results.
I grabbed 3 jars off the shelf and entered them not expecting much but it seems I was wrong (again).
It looks like we are the only honey producer in the county to have a 2-star award.
One of only a handful of English honeys to receive the 2-star award for their produce and most of those were heather honeys.

Add to that the fact the three honeys we entered were all given awards makes this a bit special.
25% achieve 1 star
10% achieve 2 stars
2% achieve 3 stars.

Not bad for a bloke in Measham. Who'd of thought the honey from the North West Leicestershire area is judged to be some of the best in the country by the Guild of Fine Food judges.


Bees in the Home

Just some advice from a person that knows a bit about bees.
If you have a swarm of Honeybees in your garden then please ring a beekeeper or contact someone to come and collect them. Don't wait and see.

Facebook is full of people saying just leave them they'll move on, not beekeepers just people chipping their 2p worth in.

What happens with a swarm.
The bees leave their hive and set up a rally point. This is normally a cluster on a bush, tree or wall maybe on the ground or even a car.

While they are at this rally point scout bees are looking for a dry cavity to set up home in. This could be anything from a dustbin to a chimney, wall or roof. Once the bees have decided on a new home they move in. The only chance to remove the swarm easily is while they are in the cluster at the rally point.

What happens when they move into a house isn't good. It can cost thousands to get them removed. The longer the bees are there the more potential damage can be done. Honey dripping through ceilings or seeping through walls, bees in the house that can sting pets or humans and in some cases ceilings collapsing under the weight of honey they have stored. Beeswax and honey are flammable so in a chimney a fire risk.

There are various places to report swarms.
BBKA website, LRBKA website, even local Facebook groups.
Save someone a huge bill and stop giving advice about things you don't know about.
The last thing people need is a large bill for removing bees from their houses.

This Mornings Job.
Clock mill and Snarestone honey to extract.
Should be over 700lbs in the boxes pulled off last night.

After these are done, we are about 1/3rd of the way through the honey extraction. A bit late this year due to other problems.
Some sites have done well others have done OK due to the cold wet May we had.

We should have enough to keep our customers going with locally produced honey.
A few local sites to clear and then the Charnwood forest apiaries.

Click here to buy our honey online or to see local stockists click here.

Spring Harvest is Underway.(June 23)

Extracted about 450lbs from the Appleby Magna site last night. The bees are under the wind turbine on the hill.
Can't get much more local than that!
Clock Mill and Snarestone honey being extracted today.
Got a week of long days ahead.
This is the uncapping machine. Click here to see video on our Facebook
It removes the wax cappings from the frames so the honey can be spun out. We save the wax to make our candles


Another apiary set up today

This is at a lovely farm just up the road from Measham.

Nice sheltered spot for the bees with a small wood alongside that is being planted with a pollinator mix of wild flowers.

Oil seed rape and field beans about 1/2 a mile away in opposite directions. Lovely village on the doorstep that has lots of well managed gardens.


Fake Honey

I'm sorry but if you have bought any of these honeys you've been robbed.
These have all failed testing for adulteration.

Our honey is pure local honey no imported rubbish mixed into it.

It's straight off the hives and into the jar.

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